An orthopedic surgeon by trade and a wine aficionado by heart, Ramez Aouad heads his family's vineyards and produces today with Chateau Sanctus, a unique selection of red wine and blends.

Covering an area of 4 hectares, and with the possibility of expanding in the future to an area of 10 hectares, the Aouad vineyards are grown at an altitude of 900 meters on lands owned by the family since centuries. With the collaboration of French consultant oenologists, emphasis is made on the selection of grapes and vineyards which are grown, harvested, and turned into wine on the very same Domain of Chateau Sanctus.

Wishing to remain faithful to the concept of an artisanal and boutique winery, Ramez limits the production of Chateau Sanctus to 20000 bottles per year, thus giving his attention to the smallest detail in the art of winemaking. Keeping in line with the traditional craft, the Sanctus grapes are handpicked by a small team of laborers and transported within ten minutes and with minimum handling to the on-site winery. The process of vinification is then immediately launched.

Chateau Sanctus is also an organic wine: all grapes on site are grown in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture, and as certified by the CCPB. This excludes the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.
We offer a selection of mono-varietal wines and blends, some aged 12 to 24 months in oak barrels.
Join us at the Lebanese Wine Day in Berlin on May 5, 2014

Visit our Domain, vineyard and winery on weekends in spring and summer. To book your visit, send us an email at