Viticulture (the growing of grapes) and vinification (making wine from the grapes) are part of making wine. Chateau Sanctus performs both processes on its own terroir and Domain.

It is a known fact that the best growers are those who make their own wine from their own grapes. Such is the case of Chateau Sanctus, where all natural wine is produced in the most artisanal fashion by the owner family of the Domain.

It is also acknowledged that a winemaker who is also a grower is keen to refine his craft and make sure that he does not mess with the grapes he has spent all year bringing to maturity and perfection.

Such is the case with Chateau Sanctus.

Winemaking at Chateau Sanctus is achieved in the most traditional way. Grapes are grown in healthy soils, excluding the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Handpicked by a small team of laborers, the grapes are then immediately transported to the on-site winery in less than ten minutes to undergo the process of vinification, with no sulfites added.

Chateau Sanctus is an original organic wine, as certified by the European CCPB.

Tours are available to visit the Domain, vineyard and winery during the weekends in spring and summer. To book your visit, send us an email on